Service Information

Area Covered

Harts cover the greater metropolitan area of Sydney from:

  • Avalon and Berowra in the north
  • Richmond, Windsor to the north west
  • Penrith, Emu Plains to the west
  • Camden, Campbelltown to the south west
  • Engadine to the south.

Postcodes Covered

  • 2000 to 2249
  • 2558 to 2570
  • 2747 to 2750
  • 2753
  • 2761 to 2770
Note: We only deliver to retail optical and specialist sunglass shops

Delivery Times

Monday to Friday
2 runs per day commencing at 7am and 1pm

One early morning run designed for emergency freight (Note we do not operate on public holidays or offer a Saturday run if Friday is a public holiday)

Pick Ups

From Wholesalers
Once or twice a day based on volume and by arrangement with each client

From Retailers
We pick up from Retailers when we make a delivery
If they are not expecting a delivery they can request a pick up by phoning Harts.

The cut off times for the runs are 7am for the morning run and 12noon for the afternoon run, ie pick-ups requested during a run will be picked up during the next run (See "returns" below for further information)

Arrival Times

From Wholesalers goods picked up on a run will be delivered the following run ie:

  • Pickups made pm will be delivered am the next day.
  • Pick ups made early morning (before 6am) are delivered am same day
  • Pickups made am (after 7am) will be delivered same day pm.


Harts offers a free return service from retailers to their suppliers (ie Harts clients). The service is offered for

  • Goods originally delivered by Harts that are being returned to the supplier
  • Goods being forwarded to clients of Harts for processing
Note: Most goods sent on the return service are neither tracked, recorded or insured by Harts. Harts will take all possible care but cannot be responsible for lost or damage parcels. See insurance for futher information.

Travel Times

Returns are delivered to the relevant supplier at our next visit. This in normally on the next run although this can vary for smaller clients who may only need one pick up per day.

Freight Tracking

Harts use a state of the art electronic tracking system Scanning wands are used to track consignment note bar codes.

Harts can either provide our clients with bar coded address labels or can by arrangement track labels generated by our clients.

Where possible packages are scanned at pick up, arrival at depot and arrival at destination.

For information regarding a parcel's whereabouts see proof of delivery section.

Proof of Delivery

When available
The drivers scanners are down loaded at the end of the am run (+/- 12 noon) and before the start of the morning run 7am.
The information is available immediately after the scanners have down loaded.

What do you need to track a parcel?
You must know the consignment note number.
The number consists of 2 parts: a 5 digit number followed by our clients account code. Ie 27112 Luxo for parcel 27112 sent by Luxotica.
The sender will have this information.


Harts is not a common carrier and as such does not carry insurance for the goods that we handle. Insurance is the responsibility of the sender.